Room for Refugees
Refugee Hosting Programme

A *Scotland and UK-wide refugee hosting scheme pioneered by a small refugee charity in Scotland in 2002.
For Caseworkers only:

Use this online form to apply for a caseworker account with the Room for Refugees Programme.   If you have  referred to this programme before, you do not need to complete this form; instead use your login details or please contact

Room for Refugees is primarily aimed at refugees and asylum seekers at risk of destitution or other extreme hardship who have no recourse to funds or personal support. We can help men, women, children, families whom you consider to be suitable for hosting in someone's home, or deserving of a crisis grant to overcome a crisis situation and rebuild their lives.

The programme offers a safe place to stay so that caseworkers can assist their clients to resolve the root problem of their destitution.

This significant humanitarian resource can potentially make a life-changing difference for:  

- those affected by the Syrian refugee crisis
- unaccompanied child refugees in the UK and Europe, including those within care systems
- refugees and those seeking asylum who are already in the UK and at risk of destitution   
- the long term destitute refugees who may have given up hope, 

It's important that caseworkers do understand that you are responsible for supporting your client. In particular, you would be accompanying your client to the host's home, and helping them to move their case forward while they take respite in someone's home.

*As of September 2017, we have over 6,500 hosts across the UK. We have 2,000 hosts in the USA and are planning development there.
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