International Volunteers 2015-16

December 2016 update

In 2015-16, Positive Action sent 202 international doctors, nurses, lifeguards and general volunteers to Lesvos, Greece, where 500,000 refugees fleeing war sought refuge in europe. Refugees are forced to rely on human traffickers, while European countries shut down safe humanitarian routes. To cross from turkey to Greece, and save their lives, refugees fleeing war or persecution will pay around $2,000 per person (half price for a child) while for the same journey, a Swiss, French or British man, woman and their child, can pay 8 euros, for the most trivial of reasons, and reach their destination safely. this is happening because European countries denied them safe passage. This is why our charity appealed for volunteers to send to Greece, to assist in the humanitarian effort. The volunteer programme is closed for now so that we can focus resources on refugees arriving in Europe and their families still left in Syria. See our facebook page international volunteers - refugee crisis for details about future plans.

Medics are desperately needed, we will seek verification of all the information requested here.

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Positive Action is a small Scottish charity with a global remit to take action and rebuild lives (SC027577). We've been around for 20 years.

We have observed one family, Eric and Philippa Kempson and their daughter in Lesvos physically saving the lives of thousands of refugees crossing the Mediterranean without aid from the EU or major aid agencies. Their depth of heart and their persistence is nothing short of extra-ordinary. 

We have also observed the EU and the U.K. Govt. sitting on their hands, and worse, withdraw any means of escape for refugees in the midst of the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War 2. They are ending search and rescue missions, punishing those blocked at Calais and more recently paying Turkey to stop people coming. The Turkish coastguard is reported to have smashed boats, engines and abused refugees trying to escape. Whole families are faced with the false choice of risking death or else remaining hungry and cold in hostile refugee camps on the Syrian borders for a fifth year.

The message is clear: stay and die there or risk death trying to get to Europe. In the absence of a decent human response by our governments, thousands of ordinary people have decided to act for themselves. As winter approaches, people are taking even more dangerous routes to cross the open seas under cover of darkness and out of sight from the authorities.

Our charity has been assembling teams of volunteers since October 2015. Our next intake of volunteers are required in April 2016 onwards.

Volunteers are needed as part of an international team to support a lifesaving voluntary aid effort and directly provide medical aid and general support for thousands of men, women, children and pregnant women and the sick coming off boats.

We need medics and clinicians - GPs, doctors of all skill levels, nurses, paramedics, paediatrics, midwives and others. Ideally, you can donate at least one week of your time. We need people who can remain calm and work with our co-ordinators on the ground, Philippa Kempson, and with other small medical teams. We need you to be able to take the lead in an environment where others may not be as experienced.

We  also need general volunteers to donate at least two weeks to help with varied tasks, organise deliveries, assist medics and clinicians where asked, and take part in coastal clean ups after boats offload.  You must be psychologically prepared to deal with potentially traumatic situations.

Volunteers must raise the cost of their own travel to Mytilene, Lesvos, insurance, food and accommodation.  We will help with itinerary, contacts, networking and finding accommodation.

We will provide information and advice before, during and after your trip. If you  are serious about going, then complete part of the volunteering registration with Team Positive Action. To proceed, click below.

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