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(planned also for the rest of Europe and the U.S.)

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Room for Refugees is the longest running refugee hosting scheme in the UK. It was pioneered by Positive Action in Housing (Charity no: SC027577) in 2003 in Scotland. It now runs UK wide as an online system to help caseworkers make fast online referrals.

In turn, we can match destitute refugees with potential hosts with homes in almost every location you can imagine.    As of September 2016, over 3,600 people have registered to host with Room for Refugees and have expressed a keenness to contribute positively in the current refugee crisis.  152 caseworkers from the British Red Cross, Refugee Council and refugee and homelessness organisations all over the UK have also registered to make referrals.  

This significant humanitarian resource has the capacity to make a life changing impact on:  
- those affected by the Syrian refugee crisis  
- unaccompanied child refugees in the UK and Europe,
- refugees and those seeking asylum who are already in the UK and at risk of destitution anywhere in the UK  
- the long term destitute refugees who may have given up hope, and whom society has forgotten  

The purpose of the scheme is to provide free temporary shelter, offer pastoral support and build lifelong bonds between human beings while they attempt to regularise their status and rebuild their lives. This is especially important at a time when governments are building walls and fermenting anti-immigrant feeling.  

For more information about this groundbreaking scheme please go to
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Bear in mind that refugees are in general excellent guests, and the vast majority are male. All placements are risk assessed and safety for everyone concerned is paramount.

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The minimum placement is usually for one month with a week's trial, although sometimes emergencies do arise and we ask for people to provide accommodation for a weekend or a few days.

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It's of paramount importance to us that everyone involved in hosting is safe, so there are just four questions left, concerning criminal records disclosure.

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As a registered host, you may receive confidential information about a refugee, and you have the responsibility to keep that information confidential. *

Please confirm that you accept your responsibility to keep any information you receive about a refugee confidential, and that you will do so before, during, and after any refugee stay.
Thank you so much {{answer_10812747}}. Your generous offer will make a real difference to the life of a family or individual in crisis. By being part of a growing network of refugee hosts your voice is stronger and is part of a wider campaign to welcome refugees to our world.

You'll now get an email confirmation in your Inbox (or check junk mail). If you don't get an email you may have submitted an incorrect email address and you should re-register. 

Positive Action in Housing (SC027577) pioneered refugee hosting in 2003 when we first saw cases of refugees without recourse to funds and being left on the street. We wanted to do something about it to help individuals and families. We have 13 years of safe matching of potential hosts with people from refugee communities. 

In the last 12 months since september 2015, we have arranged over 14,000 nights of shelter for hundreds of people seeking refuge, from our register of 3,700 hosts. This concept is attracting international interest and we want to make it a force for good. 

We are linked up with Room for refugees works closely with the British Red Cross, the refugee council, and 150 caseworkers from other charities all over the UK. We intend to develop the concept across Western Europe and the U.S. The purpose is to help people regularise their status and rebuild their lives. 

Sadly, government have failed to recognise the enormous capacity that exists in people's homes and hearts. We intend to keep the pressure up and would urge you to contact your Member of Parliament to make your views known. Please also contact your local MEP and Council and tell them you are a member of the Room for Refugees scheme, and urge them to consider the success of this scheme and others across the country. Just go to

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